French Doll by Jumeau (Reproduction)

French Doll by Jumeau This reproduction of a Jumeau doll is “one of a kind” masterpiece of French Bisque Porcelain, completely handcrafted, cast, fired, china-painted, designed, and costumed in orginal detail by Beverly Bihn. The doll was completed in 1986 using no pattern, just the skill of the artist.

This antique reproduction of a Jumeau doll stands around 29″ to the top of the hat; the actual doll is around 22″, has a porcelain head and shoulder plate, porcelain lower arms and legs, the body of muslin specially design to the small waist fashion look.

Her gown is made of several different types of laces over mint green taffeta. The skirt is bordered by heavy embroidered lace scallops with ivory ribbon roses at the top of each scallop. The front panel has several designs of heavy embroidered lace with ribbon roses scattered all over the dress. Heavy embroidered lace designs fall softly over the sleeves and down the back of the dress into a train.

Framing her face like a Gainsborough painting is a large picture hat completely covered in multicolored pastel silk flowers that cascade down one side and the back. Beautiful pearl and gold filigree earrings, rhinestones set in gold, and green crystals match the striking mint green glass eyes. Cascades of long blond curls bounce beneath the hat, and are coiffed with the same small ivory ribbon roses at the back.

Hidden beneath the mint green taffeta petticoat bordered with embroidered lace are tiered lace pantaloons with ribbon roses of ivory, lace stockings, and elegant ballroom slippers encrusted with beads and ivory ribbon roses.

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