German Doll Simon & Halbig circa 1910

20130105_125338 This antique reproduction of a Simon & Halbig doll is “one of a kind” masterpiece of French Bisque Porcelain with a specially design muslin stuffed fashion body, all of which has been completely hand crafted, china painted, fired, fashioned and signed by Bevery Bihn (1983)

This doll is costumed in a very elegant dress of pure ivory silk with pleated ruffling around the bottom of the wide skirt cascading down the sleeves as well as around the neckline. Heavy embroidered flowers of yellow and ivory are encrusted with pearl beading in a pattern down the skirt at different intervals, along the bottom of the skirt, around the bodice and along the center back.

The large hat of the same pure silk is pleated on both sides of the brim with a high pleated crown. The pearl encrusted heavy yellow and ivory embroidery covers both sides of the brim and forms a large bow to one side of the crown, ending with ivory tassels. The handbag is also make of the ivory silk and beaded embroidery.

Hidden beneath the full skirt is a beautiful set of lingerie. The pleated lace edged ruffle along the bottom and down the back to form a bustle. She has tiered lace pantaloons, pearl encrusted flowered ballroom slippers and lace stockings.

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